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Traffic Patterns

This page contains information and pictures that will help with the traffic flow at FCA.  Please know it is our goal to move things along in a manner that is a safe and as quick as possible.


We attached the bus pattern for your information.  Several of our buses will have ‘double runs’ so please allow them priority as they move in and out of our campus.








Parent Drop Off and Pick Up
Parents should follow the same pattern in the morning and the afternoon.  Please be careful as you wind around the parking lot; the first turn in is very tight.  Please refrain from cell phone use while in this line.

Morning Drop Off – Your child should only exit the passenger side of the car.  This year there are patrols and adults to help your child exit the car.  If needed, we will assist your child to class or into the building.  You can help everyone by having your child ready to exit the car on his/her own when it is their time to exit.

Afternoon Pick Up – As you wind through the parking lot you will be greeted by a staff member.  Please have the car tag displayed in your window with the GRADE and FIRST NAME of your child(ren).  Your child(ren) will be called to wait for you at a numbered cone.  The Staff member will signal to you which cone you should expect to pick your child(ren) up at.








Extended  Day

Morning Drop Off

Morning Care will take place in the cafeteria. Students may be dropped off at the entrance to the cafeteria in the morning, after a given time your student must be dropped off in the parent pick-up/drop-off area. Once buses begin arriving, cars can no longer enter the bus loop. Please see the yellow traffic pattern below.

Afternoon pick-up

All afternoon Extended Day Pick-ups will be from the cafeteria. Pick-up begins at new time unless arrangements have been made with the Extended Day Director. Please see the yellow traffic pattern below.








Bikers and Walkers – Bikers and walkers will follow the yellow lines to the bike racks.  The red dots represent cones to move traffic away from this area.  We will also have a staff member monitoring this area.   Florida law requires all bikers to wear a helmet.








Golf Carts
We have had a couple of questions concerning the use of golf carts when transporting children to and from school.  Unless the golf cart is registered as a ‘slow moving vehicle’ and is licensed, the sheriff’s office has deemed it illegal for use on Shetland Drive or adjacent sidewalks.

We hope you have found this useful and will help us all navigate this area.
Thank you and please be safe.