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Staff Directory

Falcon Administration

Gina Fonseca Principal
[email protected]
Melissa Lime Vice Principal – Middle
[email protected]
TBA Vice Principal – Elementary
Kelly Patchen Assistant Principal K-2
[email protected]
Matthew Duggan Assistant Principal 3-5
[email protected]
TBA Assistant Principal 6-8
Staci Boyer Secretary to the Principal, Office Manager
[email protected]
Victoria Maltese Food and Nutrition Manager
[email protected]
John Doolittle Maintenance Coordinator
[email protected]
Matt James Dean of Students
[email protected]
Jacquelyn Woollard Dean of Students
[email protected]

Front Office Staff & School Support

Ms. Breaux Bookkeeper
Mr. Alvarez Technology Specialist
Ms. Frost, RN School Nurse [email protected]
Ms. Garcia, RN School Nurse
Ms. Jones Computer Operator
Ms. Albano Computer Operator
Ms. Roth Clerk
Ms. Yosco Clerk
Ms. Flores Clerk/Computer Operator
Ms. Valvo Clerk
Ms. Gransaull Testing Coordinator
Ms. Franks Clerk – Testing
Ms. Cariss LEA Clerk
Ms. Richard Receptionist [email protected]
Mrs. Bourne Receptionist [email protected]
Mr. J. Reed Paraprofessional
Ms. Atherton Front Office
Deputy Fornash Resource Officer

Counseling Department

Ms. Ellis School Counselor Elementary 4th and 5th [email protected]
Mrs. Duffey School Counselor Elementary 2nd and 3rd [email protected]
Mrs. Rainey School Counselor Elementary K and 1st [email protected]
Ms. Brazil School Counselor – Middle 7th and 8th [email protected]
Ms. Moura School Counselor – Middle 6th and 7th [email protected]

Kindergarten Team

Ms. Anderson Kindergarten Teacher
Ms. Benson Kindergarten Teacher
Ms. Dorich Kindergarten Teacher
Ms. Baloga Kindergarten Teacher
Ms. Griffin Kindergarten Teacher
Ms. Hawkins Kindergarten Teacher
Ms. Gordon Kindergarten Teacher
Ms. L. Sullivan Kindergarten Teacher
Ms. Moulin Kindergarten Teacher
Ms. Plocharczyk Kindergarten Teacher
Ms. Valent Kindergarten Teacher
Ms. Lundberg Kindergarten Teacher

First Grade Team

Ms. Bennett First Grade Teacher
Ms. Eberhardt First Grade Teacher
Ms. Denny First Grade Teacher
Ms. Gaston First Grade Teacher
Ms. Gregg First Grade Teacher
Mr. P Sarracino First Grade Teacher
Ms. S Smith First Grade Teacher
Ms. Mountfort First Grade Teacher
Ms. K Salamone First Grade Teacher
Ms. Odom First Grade Teacher
Ms. C Rapoza First Grade Teacher
Ms. A Sullivan First Grade Teacher

Second Grade Team

Ms. Agans Second Grade Teacher
Ms. Bartlett Second Grade Teacher
Ms. M Itani Second Grade Teacher
Ms. Dougherty Second Grade Teacher
Ms. Johnson Second Grade Teacher
Ms. B. Myers Second Grade Teacher
Ms. Neely Second Grade Teacher
Ms. Okerberg Second Grade Teacher
Ms. Pelkey Second Grade Teacher
Ms. Wesolowski Second Grade Teacher
Ms. Znascko Second Grade Teacher
Ms. Jackson Associate Teacher

Third Grade Team

Ms. L. Davis Third Grade Teacher
Ms. Kuhnle Third Grade Teacher
Mrs. Taylor Third Grade Teacher
Ms. Kastor Third Grade Teacher
Ms. Montineri Third Grade Teacher
Ms. Alder Third Grade Teacher
Ms. Berzito Third Grade Teacher
Ms. M. O’Shell Third Grade Teacher
Ms. Cannon Third Grade Teacher
Ms. Minieri Third Grade Teacher
Ms. Pittari Third Grade Teacher
Ms. Ringdahl Third Grade Teacher
Ms. Thornell Third Grade Associate Teacher

Fourth Grade Team

Ms. Drummond Fourth Grade Teacher
Ms. Dillard Fourth Grade Teacher
Ms. Gebhard Fourth Grade Teacher
Ms. Jenkins Fourth Grade Teacher
Ms. J. Marabell Fourth Grade Teacher
Ms. O’Hern Fourth Grade Teacher
Ms. L. O’Shell Fourth Grade Teacher
Ms. Prisco Fourth Grade Teacher
Ms. McLaughlin Fourth Grade Teacher

Fifth Grade Team

Ms. David Fifth Grade Teacher
Ms. M. Davis Fifth Grade Teacher
Ms. Hay Fifth Grade Teacher
Ms. Henry Fifth Grade Teacher
Ms. Kusiak Fifth Grade Teacher
Ms. Eisenmenger Fifth Grade Teacher
Ms. Baker Fifth Grade Teacher
Ms. Walker Fifth Grade Teacher
Ms. Spencer Fifth Grade Teacher
TBA Fifth Grade Teacher

Instructional Support

Ms. Brogdon VE Teacher
Ms. Patrey Paraprofessional
Ms. Eisenmenger VE Teacher
Ms. Vance VE Teacher
Ms. Oslin ESE Paraprofessional
Ms. Churchill Gifted Consultative Teacher
Ms. Baloga VE Teacher
Ms. Siragusa Gifted Consultative Teacher Elementary
Ms. Hladun Speech/Language Pathologist
Ms. Butrimas Speech/Language Pathologist
Ms. Koleff Speech/Language Pathologist
Ms. Thorp ESE Paraprofessional
Ms. Luna ESOL Paraprofessional
Ms. Buchholz ESE Paraprofessional
Ms. Howell ESE Paraprofessional
Ms. Steffano Media Paraprofessional
Ms. Mickley Media Paraprofessional
Mr. Reed Paraprofessional
Ms. Suchenski School Psychologist
Ms. Conger Teacher – Deaf/Hard of Hearing
Ms. Ayres Interpreter – Deaf/Hard of Hearing
Ms. Jeanpierre Paraprofessional
Ms. Pellicer Achievement Coach
Ms. Stirrat Teacher – Visual Impairment
Ms. Ussin Assistive Technology
Ms. C. Hurst Instructional Literacy Coach
Ms. Haliko Instructional Literacy Coach
Ms. Arkin Social Worker
Ms. Oko Occupational Therapist
Ms. Crutchfield Physical Therapist
Mr. Sothoron Behavior Specialist
Ms. Luensman Mental Health Specialist

Elementary Resource Team

Ms. Vincent Art
Ms. Banion Art
Ms. Schroeder Media Specialist
Ms. Spahija Physical Education
Mr. J. Reed Physical Education
Ms. Connelly Physical Education
Mr. Price Music/Orff
Ms. Herring STEM
Ms. Garrett Computers

Middle School Team

Ms. Migut Language Arts & Social Studies
Ms. Galbraith Language Arts & US History
Ms. Reese Language Arts
Ms. Unkrich Language Arts
Ms. Williamson Language Arts
Ms. Troyer Language Arts
Mr. Linke Language Arts
Mr. Pauly Math
TBA Math
Ms. Davenport Math
Ms. McDonald Math
Ms. Davidson Math
Ms. Farson Social Studies
Mr. Wray Social Studies
Ms. Stokes Social Studies
Mr. Zeinert Social Studies
Mr. Roan Teacher SS & ELA
TBA Teacher Math & Science
Ms. Beckman Science
Ms. T. Brown Science
Mr. Sharpe Science
Ms. Slopey Science
Ms. Rokosz Physical Education
Mr. Ewertz Physical Education
Mr. Cantrell Physical Education
Ms. Ranken Computer Discoveries
Ms. Elhence ICT/ETB
Ms. Zentz Band
Ms. Frericks Art
Ms. Hunsinger Drama/TV Production
TBA Spanish
Ms. Schroeder Media Specialist
Ms. Tang Peer Counseling & Critical Thinking
Ms. Oliveira Associate Teacher