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Job Seekers

If you are interested in applying to be a part of the family at Freedom Crossing Academy, take the time to read everything on this page.  It may save us all some time.

***Please know there are several job postings that are open and will be interviewed for.  All these interviews will take weeks to be sure we get the best candidates for the job. Please be patient, the will be a long process.  Our students deserve this time.***

There is a story of three recruiters that were to give a presentation at a large high school about their particular branch of the service they represented. The three recruiters were told that they collectively had thirty minutes during the assembly and each recruiter was to stick to a ten minute presentation.  When it was time for the recruiters to share their presentation, the first representative spoke for fourteen minutes.  The next recruiter tried his best to save time, but not wanting to miss this opportunity, also spoke for fourteen minutes.  The Marine recruiter, recognizing that he only had two minutes, slowly walked to the microphone. He stood in silence for over a minute while looking at the group.  Then he spoke,”My colleagues have done a masterful job of representing their branch of the armed services.   Their branch provides a great service to our country for which we are eternally grateful.  I am sure there are many of you that would be valuable asset to either of these branches.  With that being said, in a group of this size, there may only be two of you that have what it takes to be a Marine. I would like to see those two at the end of the assembly.”

This recruiter in a very short period of time shared that only a few had what it takes to be a Marine;  those individuals that routinely go above and beyond

Like this recruiter, we have very high expectations for our staff.  Only Individuals that would qualify as a Marine need apply.

We are looking for the following in candidates:

  1. A positive attitude.
  2. A growth mindset.
  3. Those that will treat EVERY child as their very own.
  4. Family members. We want to create a school where students want to come to learn and staff want to come to work.  We are looking forward to those that will support others.

Things to expect:

  1. Change. As we grow over the upcoming years, there will be a lot of change.
  2. We will do the PLC process; we will work in teams for the success of our students.
  3. While we will be tight on the “what” we teach, we will not be so on the “how’ we teach.
  4. We have lots to do to prepare our school. We are looking for those that are eager to help set our vision, mission and culture.
  5. Our students live in a digital world, we need to teach within their world.
  6. *** We will do three things and do them well: Work the PLC Process, Use the Capturing Kids Hearts Process and use LiveSchool.  These are non-negotiable for FCA Staff. ***

“Success is dependent on your dedication, not your location.”  If you want to come to our school simply due to location and expect to do the same things you have always done, we may not be the school for you.  We are looking for those that are ready to be different, to make an impact on education.

Seeking candidates are encouraged to bring student growth data to any interview (if applicable) and if updating your online application any optional survey may be beneficial.

Keep looking back as we add to this page.