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Curriculum & Expectations

2020-2021 SJCSD Middle School Progression Plan

Curriculum Chat Videos –  September 2021

For the safety of our students and families, curriculum chats will be presented via recorded messages from your child’s teachers.    Thank you for taking the time to view the presentations:


Mrs. Elhence ICT

Mrs. Elhence – Emerging Technology in Business

Mrs. Frericks – Art 1

Mrs. Frericks – 3D Art 2

Mrs. Frericks – Visual Art 3

Mrs. Hunsinger – TV Production

Mrs. Hunsinger – Theatre 1
Theatre 1 curriculum chat – YouTube

Mrs. Hunsinger – Theatre 2
Theatre 2 Curriculum Chat – YouTube

Mrs. Hunsinger – Theatre 3
Theatre 3 Curriculum Chat – YouTube

Mrs. Lawson – Computer Science Discoveries

Mrs. Oliviera – Spanish

Mrs. Tang – Critical Thinking and Peer Counseling

Ms. Williamson – Intensive Reading

Mrs. Zentz – Band


Mr. Arribas – 7th grade Science

Mrs. Brown – 6th grade Science

Mrs. Brown – 8th grade Science

Mrs. Couch – 6th grade Science

Mrs. Couch – 7th grade Science

Ms. Lam – 6th grade Science

Mr. Rentas – 8th grade Science

Mrs. Slopey – 6th grade Science


Mrs. Davenport – 6th grade Math

Mr. Hills – Math and Pre-Algebra

Ms. Lam – 6th grade Math

Ms. Lyons – Algebra 1 and Honors Geometry

Ms. McDonald – 7th grade Math

Mrs. Pokelwaldt – 6th & 7th grade Math

English/Language Arts

Mrs. Galbraith – 8th grade ELA

Mr. Linke – 8th grade ELA

Ms. Loughran – 6th grade ELA

Ms. Unkrich – 6th grade ELA

Mrs. Doyle and all 7th Grade ELA

Social Studies

Mrs. Farson – 8th grade US History

Mrs. Galbraith – 8th grade US History

Mr. Grim – 7th grade Civics

Ms. Stokes – Civics

Ms. Stokes – US History

Mr. Wray – 6th grade World History

Mr. Zeinert – World History